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Ellie Moghaddam, M.A. TLLP


Ellie (Elham) Moghaddam earned her master's degree in Clinical Psychology at the Michigan School of Psychology. Ellie is a bicultural psychologist who appreciates diversity and facilitates her knowledge of psychology in the human mind and behavior originated from humanistic principles and beliefs, focusing on the uniqueness of each individual that is inherently good. She is passionate about helping people to find or restore the condition in which they can rediscover their inherent happiness and satisfaction of life, while also leading them to personal growth by addressing their diverse experiences with caregivers or peers that may have led to emotional wounds and maladaptive behaviors. Through her journey working with different populations, Ellie has also developed a special interest in psychological and behavioral assessment, while also working with a government program providing mental health services for unaccompanied children that have limited availability to culturally-appropriate mental health resources. Her area of expertise is in trauma, relationship difficulties, and personality dysfunction. 

Ellie is supervised by Dr. Kadrich

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