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Brittany Linton, Psy.D. LLP PMH-C


Dr. Linton earned both her doctoral degree and master’s degree in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology. Throughout the course of earning her degrees, Dr. Linton worked in a variety of clinical settings, including private practices, medical settings, and a college counseling center. Across these settings, Dr. Linton gained experience working with a large variety of individuals ranging from children to elderly, from diverse backgrounds, and with a variety of presenting concerns. Dr. Linton is also a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialist. Her areas of focus include women’s issues and concerns related to pregnancy, infertility, perinatal mood disorders, motherhood, and parenting.


Dr. Linton also works with individuals facing anxiety, depression, and life stressors, as well as individuals seeking support with LGBTQ-related concerns.

Dr. Linton is supervised by Dr. Kadrich

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